On the night, we'll teach all these dances step-by-step to make sure everyone is able to join in the fun, so this is not a list of instructions, just some information to give you a taste of what to expect.

You can also see us live in action by going to our "Sample Music & Videos" page.


Gay Gordons

The most traditional of traditional ceilidh dances.  A couples dance which doesn't involve much more than walking forwards, walking backwards and counting to 4 with a little bit of a polka to finish.

Dashing White Sergeant

A dance for trios of dancers joining briefly into circles of 6 for a bit of ring-a-ring-a-roses followed by some spinning partners by the arm and some stamping and clapping to show how much you're enjoying yourself.


Canadian Barn Dance

You don't have to be from Canada to do this one or even be in a barn.  This little short dance gives you the option to swap partners.


Riverside Jig

Not a well-known dance, but it'll be a firm favourite by the time you're finished.  This one involves lots of couples in a long line - dancing with each other, dancing with the person next to them and each round ends with the lucky top couples running the gauntlet through all the others.


Virginia Reel

If you can remember doing the Grand Old Duke Of York at your 8th birthday party then you'll love this one.


St. Bernard's Waltz

A little, gentle waltz with some easy steps to give you a chance to cool down between the more lively dances. 


Military Two-Step

Another couples dance with easy steps that can be done to a nice steady walking pace or with a bit of a bounce if you're really getting into the ceilidh groove!


Strip The Willow

(where do they get these names???)

This is always the grand finale of any ceilidh.  A long line of couples with everyone getting a chance to wind their way down every other couple.  Lots of spinning, lots of clapping, lots of cheering - what else do you need?


Eightsome Reel

A reel for 8 people - (the clue's kinda in the name!!!) with everyone taking a turn of being the star in the middle.


Circassian Circle

Everybody in one big circle, lots of whooping, cheering, spinning and a little bit of walking.


Britannia Two-Step

Another dance for sets of 3 dancers.  Very easy steps, but needs careful co-ordination to allow you to swap a partner each time.


No two ceilidhs are ever the same.  We'll tailor the night to suit your guests, venue, mood and stamina.